Technical Assistance


While Phase 1 (Year 1) of the Sacramento River Funding Area (SRFA) Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program (DACIP) focused on the identification of disadvantaged communities  (DACs) and DAC-serving water systems, followed by Needs Assessments for DAC Places and communities, Phase 2 (year 2) is focused on providing technical assistance. Based on the responses in the DAC Place-based Technical, Managerial, and Financial (TMF) Needs Assessments, the SRFA DACIP Project Team has developed a suite of technical assistance options for water and wastewater system owners, managers, operators, boards, and others responsible for water or wastewater management in DAC areas. Below is an overview of technical assistance options. Follow these links for more information.

  1. One-on-One Project Development 

The Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC), a member of the SRFA DACIP Project Team, is available to work with DAC water purveyors on an “as requested” and “as needed” basis to assist in developing projects for grant or loan application. Visit this webpage for more information.

  1. Technical Support Workshops 

RCAC is currently offering technical training workshops for water and wastewater managers, operators, and boards in communities throughout the SRFA. Visit this webpage to see the full schedule of workshops, along with presentation materials and technical assistance documents.

  1. Video Tutorials 

RCAC has developed a suite of short, “how to” YouTube videos to assist water and wastewater managers/operators in tackling all varieties of technical issues. These video tutorials have been developed specifically for the SRFA DACIP effort, in response to common issues found during the Needs Assessment process and to questions that have come up during RCAC’s Technical Support Workshops. Visit this webpage to view the video tutorials.

  1. Funding Opportunities and Other Assistance 

The SRFA DACIP Project Team has compiled a database of grant and loan funding opportunities tailored to water resource management projects in the SRFA, including specific opportunities for disadvantaged communities. Visit this webpage to access the database. This webpage also provides resources for personalized help in identifying funding opportunities and for other types of technical assistance.