Tribal Needs Assessment

One of the tasks of the Sacramento River Funding Area (SRFA) Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program (DACIP) is to develop a coordinated Tribal outreach strategy in consultation with the Department of Water Resources (DWR) Tribal Advisor and Tribal representatives currently participating in regional IRWM processes.

The California Indian Environmental Alliance (CIEA) was contracted to coordinate and develop a Tribal Needs Assessment to support this effort. In April 2018, a SRFA Tribal conference was organized by CIEA, with attendance primarily from Tribes located in the Westside IRWM region. CIEA hosted a second meeting in August 2018 further north in Chico, with the same agenda, to engage with additional Tribes. The summary notes from the Tribal meetings can be downloaded here. Tribal Meeting Notes

An SRFA-wide approach for Tribal engagement will be developed based on the results of the 2019 Tribal Needs Assessments. The SRFA DACIP Technical Team will work with Tribal experts and Tribal Regional Water Management Group members to identify any Tribally operated water or wastewater systems to be invited to participate in a more focused Technical, Managerial, and Financial (TMF) Needs Assessment. The Tribal Needs Assessments will be conducted simultaneously with Tribal engagement to increase Tribal participation in IRWM governance efforts within each IRWM, so that the Needs Assessment results can support Tribal project development and on-going Tribal participation in IRWM.

Please check back on this webpage for more information as the Tribal Needs Assessment process unfolds.