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Project Development

  • Technical, Managerial and Financial Needs Assessment
  • Scoping and budgeting
  • Funding sources
  • Application support

Funding Opportunities

  • Locating funding for your water or wastewater system issue
  • Project development
  • Scoping and budgeting
  • Application support

Technical Assistance

  • Meet with a small water system expert
  • Have your system evaluated
  • Help with your specific issues
  • Ask questions and get answers


Technical Support Workshops

  • Expert advice on common needs (CIPs, Emergency Response Plans, source protection etc.)
  • Free training
  • Bringing technical experts to you
  • One-on-one problem solving
The Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program seeks to identify water and wastewater needs across California and to develop strategies and solutions to address those needs. The California Department of Water Resource’s Proposition 1 IRWM funding program designated $3.7 million of Disadvantaged Community Involvement funding for this purpose to the Sacramento River Funding Area (SRFA). The SRFA is comprised of six IRWM regions: Upper Sacramento-McCloud, Upper Pit River Watershed, North Sacramento Valley, Yuba County, Westside, and American River Basin (see SRFA Map below).

What is IRWM?

Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) planning is a statewide initiative administered by the California Department of Water Resources to promote an informed, locally driven, and consensus-based approach to water resources management. For more information, visit DWR’s IRWM website.

The SRFA DACI Program has the following objectives:

  1. Coordinate disadvantaged community and Tribal outreach across the SRFA
  2. Identify the full array of water and wastewater needs of disadvantaged people and Tribes in this area
  3. Provide technical support and training to help disadvantaged communities address critical water and wastewater needs
  4. Support project development and access to funding sources to meet these identified needs

Are you a water or wastewater system operator, owner or board member within the SRFA with any of these issues?

  • Aging and failing infrastructure
  • Costs of service that rates don’t cover
  • No capital improvement planning (CIP)
  • Overwhelmed and aging staff or board members
  • Difficulty in finding and keeping trained staff
  • Out-of-date policies and procedures
  • Billing problems
  • Unprepared for an emergency (Emergency Response Planning)
  • Problems with State Compliance reporting
  • Unsure of where to look for help


Announcements coming soon.


Project Manager/Technical Lead
JoAnna Lessard, PhD
Yuba Water Agency